We believe the future of retail is zero inventory risk

Hingeto helps brands on retailers expand their product offering without holding physical inventory

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About Hingeto

At Hingeto, we come from all different backgrounds and experiences to solve retail’s biggest problem, inventory. Everyone is playing the guessing page. Deciding on what new brands to carry, how much inventory to buy and what colors will be the next big thing. We build solutions which helps mitigate all those decisions while driving great revenue for your business.

We value collaboration to create new value in the world

Hingeto Warehouse


We got our start with a small team building solutions for brands looking to bring new products in the world without upfront costs.


Thousands of Stores

We have built many solutions for some of the largest retailers and brands in the world.


4 Countries

Most of our customers are in the United States but our team is global.

We’re building how the future of retail should work.

Hingeto Warehouse

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