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October 16, 2019

Hingeto Will Enable The Next Billion Dollar Retailer. Is It You?

Wayfair enjoyed $6.8 billion in sales in 2018.  They’ve perfected the online marketplace model and have spent the past 15 years building a custom dropship platform enabling them to sell 11 million different products across 14,000 vendors.  Wayfair will never share this platform with the world, but Hingeto will.  Roughly 10,000 online stores are using Hingeto’s marketplace software today, all vying to be the next billion dollar retailer.

Hingeto prides itself on giving retailers the superpower to sell any product in the world.

Their platform eliminates the biggest killer of retail businesses; inventory risk and removes most obstacles that prevent scale. With Hingeto a store no longer needs a warehouse, or a budget to buy product upfront and you never have to invest thousands of dollars attending trade shows again.  

It’s easy. Simply install our app and hire Hingeto to recruit the perfect suite of vendors for you.  

We are already connecting hundreds of the world’s top brands to leading retailers like Pacsun and Lootcrate; and have pioneered a solution for publishers like Scary Mommy who endeavors to monetize via ecommerce.  

Scary Mommy is a robust community of moms whose social media accounts and content site combined receives an astonishing 90 million monthly impressions.  Owned by a co-founder of, Vinit Bharara, Scary Mommy has inviting dozens of independent mom-owned clothing & accessory brands to sell on their new marketplace website. Hingeto is the platform each brand integrates with to upload product, synchronize inventory levels and to manage their Scary Mommy orders. Hingeto’s platform even remits a weekly payment and settlement to each brand; automating accounting.

Above the minutiae of how our platform works, Hingeto has created a new world order in retail. We’ve democratized retail to the point where with Hingeto, anyone with an audience has the key infrastructure (ability) and access to enough products to become a billion dollar retailer. This is what we mean when we say it’s a superpower to sell any product in the world.”  

Our superpower has been in the lab for nearly a decade.  I started my first million dollar ecommerce business in 2010; it was called PLNDR, a flash sale site under the Karmaloop umbrella. In 3.5 years it scaled to $40M in annual sales. Lucrative as it seems my team and I believed it could have been $100M+ if we had a more efficient way to  buy more product faster; aka if we were a marketplace model.  We did ultimately launch a marketplace but the efforts were too late; we were already weighed down by years of buying inventory upfront and outright. The inherent risks and losses that come with the traditional retail model killed us; just like it does with the chorus of retailers who files Chapter 11 or 13 annually.

In late 2015, me and two co-founders started Hingeto. Ismail, a decorated technical leader from Stanford serves as CTO and Yaw, a product minded marketer & my long time right hand man is the founding Chief Product Officer. We set out to say “never again” to traditional retail. Never again, can a great company with an audience of willing customers go out of business because they drowned in the “wrong” inventory or because they couldn’t buy enough of the right inventory in a timely manner.

Hingeto puts an end to:

  • Warehouses. Your vendors are already shipping out orders daily to their customers. They will happily ship orders out to yours.
  • Risky Wholesale Buying.  Connect directly (via Hingeto) to all the products and inventory of your key vendors. You will sell more and they will be happier.
  • Tradeshows. Hingeto will recruit & introduce you to the brands that are perfect for your business
  • Wasting Time. Don’t wait 6-9 months for your inventory buys to land at your warehouse

We are in good use…….. See more case studies below

Get Started

Do you have access to the audience needed to be the next billion dollar retailer. You bring the customers and we’ll do everything else. What are you waiting for?

Hingeto is on a mission seeking out bold new customers who can peer into the future with us and realize that the handcuffs (i.e inventory risk) of old retail is now a choice, not a standard.

We want you!

  • If you endeavor to double, triple or 10X your ecommerce revenue in the next 2-3 years, we are the model and partner to help you do it.
  • If you are a publisher who has millions of visitors coming to your media site monthly, and  tired of losing revenue to ad blockers; we’ll help you turn your audience into customers via a marketplace shop.   
  • If you are a brand/supplier with superior product and deserve more diversified distribution, so no one account can hurt your business, come on board.

Join the waitlist and let’s author the future of retail together.