MXED - Discontinued Letter

October 16, 2019

Dear Valued MXED Retailers

About two years ago we embarked on an ambitious journey to allow any store in the world to sell officially licensed product - for free and without risk. We’re proud of the awesome committed supply partners we’ve curated and the tens of thousands of installations to date. 

While we know MXED delivered lots of value for our customers, we weren’t building a sustainable business model. Unfortunately we made the tough decision to evolve MXED into a premium marketplace app, Hingeto Supply.  

We worked hard to make this a WIN-WIN for all of us

Hingeto Supply boasts 5x the assortment, including officially licensed products, fashion, electronics, accessories and much more. More on this below but first let’s talk about what is happening with MXED.

What does this mean for you & MXED?

As of Nov 8th MXED will be discontinued and all of the products will be programmatically removed from your stores.

Don’t worry, when one door closes…Opportunity knocks on another!

Hingeto Supply is a Shopify app similar to MXED with a much more robust and broader catalog filled with all of  MXED’s best sellers + thousands of new styles.

  • As a loyal MXED customer, we are offering you a 7 day free trial to install and try this app for yourself
  • If you believe you can sell at least $500 per month, this app is for you.
  • We promise to keep expanding our catalog with hard to get real brands (fashion, accessories, licensing)
  • Over time we will release more “enterprise” features that allow you to connect with and recruit your own brands
  • Our promise: every order counts. We know delayed shipments and cancelled orders hurts your store and your customers, so we’ve come up with a solution. Our new app, Hingeto Supply, is implementing a novel credit system. If you experience a late (past 10 days) shipped or cancelled order, you will be issued a credit that can be directly shared with your customer.  Now your customers can get “paid” when there is a mishap, keeping them happy and willing to shop with you again and again. You will never again have to “pay” when a supplier related order delay and cancellation happens.
We know there are lots of questions, and we’re committed to transparency.

We’ve made the tough decision to focus all of our efforts on Hingeto Supply even though we had a lot of heart for MXED. In a nutshell, growth at MXED was proving to be unsustainable and we didn’t want to sacrifice on customer experience. 

Hingeto Supply will deliver superior customer support and focus on delivering the best marketplace app in the industry that can power e-commerce shops through the promise of Zero Inventory risk.

Please read our FAQ’s to understand the major changes we are making to build a better app for you. 

Opportunity knocks!

The good news is that our team has built a Shopify app similar to our enterprise app and that has a general catalog filled with the products you were used to in MXED + thousands of new styles.

  • We are giving you all a 7 day free trial to install and start using this app to see for yourself
  • If you believe you can do at least $500 per month this app is for you. We promise to keep expanding our catalog with hard to get real brands (fashion, accessories, licensing)
  • Over time we will release more “enterprise” features that allow you to connect with and recruit your own brands
I’m sure you are thinking “but you let us down, why should we believe you now?”

Again we tried really hard and are very sorry MXED didn’t work as a standalone app.  Please read our FAQ’s that breaks down the major changes we are making to make this successful for you. 

Hingeto Supply is available today

Try Our New & Improved App

Free for 14 days. No Risk

1. What happened to MXED?

MXED is retiring as of Nov 8th 2019.  After two years, we could not build a profitable business model around a free; no risk dropship app :-(

2. When is the last day to use the MXED app?

Nov 8th 2019

3. What will happen to MXED products I’ve added to my store?

They will be programmatically removed on November 15th if you haven’t removed them yourself yet.

4. How will customer service be better in Hingeto Supply?

80% of all issues have been around order shipment status and inventory accuracy. We are introducing a new “Satisfaction Guarantee” for all orders. If a supplier ships or cancels past 10 days we will pay you and your customer a bonus credit.  

We also have reorganized our support system to be an email based ticketing system vs. chat so our support and engineering team can collaborate better to serve you.

5. Order ship time

We encourage our suppliers to ship within 3 business days.  An order is considered late on the 6th business day.  We are implementing a penalty system that charges suppliers for every order that does not ship out in 10 days. At this point you can cancel the order and  you can give your customer a full refund + we will pass on the penalty to you so you can issue a credit to your customer to buy more from your store. 

6. Will inventory be accurate?

Yes it will be. We will exercise at least an hourly inventory sync with all suppliers.  We’ve rolled out a new state of the art mechanism to keep your store inventory updated and have a new monitoring system in place to proactively catch any discrepancy so we can resolve.

7. What happens if a supplier doesn’t ship my order?

We are also implementing a penalty system for suppliers who report inaccurate inventory or fails to ship in a timely manner. If they do not ship within 10 business days we will fine them and give you a credit that we encourage you to pass to customers to keep them happy.

8. How is the Hingeto Supply app superior to the MXED app?

More products, better service and newer technology.

  • More & Better Products. Even more pop culture (200+ brands), plus newly added categories like jewelry, accessories, electronics and popular fashion brands.  We will add multiple new brands every month.
  • Newer technology. We’ve taken our learnings from MXED + our enterprise dropship app that powers Pacsun and WorldStarHipHop and built Hingeto Supply.
  • Better and more accurate inventory syncing mechanism.
  • Better discoverability & browsing experience.
  • Satisfaction guarantee on all orders.
9. What if I don’t like the Hingeto Supply app?

In 2019 we are honoring a discounted price per month + are allowing all MXED retailers to cancel anytime. So, if you don’t like it you can always cancel.

10. Can I try for free?

We are giving you a 7 day free trial

11. Are there new products in Hingeto Supply?

So many. We are starting by adding a new major pop culture supplier; bringing our “brand” count (i.e. Disney, Nintendo) to over 200 superstar brands.  We are also launching with electronics, jewelry and accessories.  We promise to announce several new popular brands every month.

12. Can I request new brands & products to be added to the app

We will work on a system to allow our retailers to request brands that they think they can sell well. For now you can contact us about upgrading to our enterprise platform where you will receive a white label program and a private catalog of brands.