As of Nov 8th 2019, MXED will be replaced with Hingeto Supply
Please read our full letter here.

Special Offer

7 Day Free Trial of Hingeto Supply






for MXED Customers
Billed Monthly

Powerful Platform

Premiere marketplace software app that enables any store to sell premium branded products with zero inventory risk. 
  • Inventory updated hourly for accurate sales
  • Orders updated hourly to power your analytics & keep customers happy

Products & Orders

  • Broad catalog growing daily
    Even More Pop Culture (200+ Brands)Plus newly added categories: jewelry, accessories & electronics
    *New Bands Added Every Month
  • Great Margins (40% or Higher)
  • Add up to 2,500 products to your store at a time
  • Up to 10,000 monthly orders

Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Our Promise: Orders processed in 10 days or less. If we don’t deliver, you get a credit to delight your customers with a 100% refund PLUS bonus
  • Fast email support: less than 8 hour response time (M-F 9am-6pm PST)


Absolutely Zero Inventory Risk

We eliminate bulk buying budgets, warehouses, and all the risks that come with traditional retail.


Established Brands

We only work with real vendors, with quality products, who care. We integrate with small indie brands to large billion dollar brands.


Recruit & Onboard Any Brand

From initial contact to making your first sale, within days. Hingeto handles everything  end to end.